Risk Management Executive, Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Plan, design, engineer, test, and implement a Risk Management Knowledgebase to integrate data feeds from numerous organizational and cybersecurity sources
  • Conduct enterprise-level systems architecture development and business process engineering related to threat-based risk assessment and mitigation
  • Implement Internet-scale database management systems with ability to conduct near-real time analytics
  • Actualize and quantify the US Cybersecurity Command’s Joint Enterprise Risk Assessment Model for real-time assessment of organizational risk posture
  • Design, implement, and manage a governmentally sponsored virtual cloud-based data center

Medical Community of Interest Program Management Office, Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Plan, design, engineer, test, and implement a logically segregated network and security architecture for the Defense Health Agency
  • Align with the Joint Information Environment (JIE)
  • Conduct technical and project management working groups
  • Perform systems integration for Joint Regional Security Stacks, Mission Partner Gateways, Private Data Internet Service Providers, Application Hosting, and Business-to-Business Gateways
  • Develop design architectures and project artifacts
  • Achieved Initial Operational Capability ahead of schedule

Mobility Program Management Office, Defense Information Systems Agency

  • Support program and acquisition management for the Department of Defense mobility program
  • Conduct corporate reviews, knowledge management, and customer outreach activities


  • Cross Function Solutions Center, Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Joint Information Environment Technical Synchronization Office, Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Office of the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Joint Staff
  • US Army Materiel Command: CIO G6, Operations G3
  • US Transportation Command
  • Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology)
  • US Army Communications Electronics Command: Research, Development and Engineering
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs

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